About Us

Welcome to Hunt Honey! My name is Alex Hunt and I am the owner, founder, and operator of Hunt Honey. I started this business with the intention of learning about business and the amazing honeybee, while providing a high quality product that you can't get from any store brand or large honey packer

However, as my company grew I fell in love with beekeeping and the business I had created.

            I first became aware of bees as a young child when a beekeeper started putting beehives on our farm to get honey from the canola fields. After a few years this beekeeper stopped putting bees on our property but he left one hive and some equipment for my father and me in case we ever became curious. As time went on we both became very curious and decided to explore the hive, but after my father was stung on the head my curiosity didn’t grow. However, in the spring of 2008 a new beekeeper named Jan began placing bees by my house my curiosity peaked up again. One day I was watching Jan and a few of his employees work in the bee yard and he asked me if I would like to come help him. I immediately said yes and after two hours my curiosity blossomed.

            In the winter of 2008 I decided to try to go into beekeeping and form my own business. I asked Jan if he would be my mentor, which he readily agreed to, and then I applied for a FSA youth loan. I bought a smoker, hive tools, bee suit, boxes, 20 complete hives from Jan, and other necessary equipment to start my operation, and the rest is history.

            Today I run 112 hives all located in Hallock, Minnesota. I offer many products including Honey, Creamed (Spun) Honey, BeesWax, Lip Balm, and apparel. In the future I also hope to add candles, soaps, and possibly some hair products!